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A case study of multifunctional non-pneumatic tire design for the validation of meta-level design parameter in Domain Integrated Design (DID) method

Velivela, Pavan Tejaswi;Letov, Nikita;Kong, Lingchen;Zhao, Yaoyao Fiona // 2023
and modelled with the LatticeQuery geometric modelling software. Furthermore, this research validates the meta-level parameter “interaction area” proposed for selecting biological analogy in the DID ...


Masen, Marc; Butt, Ahmed Tamkin; Agg, Chloe // 2023
This paper draws parallels and contrasts between the Design-focussed learning tracks of the Mechanical Engineering courses at Imperial College London (ICL) and Nottingham Trent University (NTU). ...

A framework for understanding mental imagery in design cognition research

Macfie, Rebecca Louise;Hay, Laura Anne;Rodgers, Paul // 2023
Mental imagery is the experience of perceiving an object within one’s own mind and is a subjective experience, leading to difficulties in the research and understanding of the phenomenon. This paper ...

A Knowledge Graph and Rule based Reasoning Method for Extracting SAPPhIRE Information from Text

Bhattacharya, Kausik; Chakrabarti, Amaresh // 2023
Representation of design information using causal ontologies is very effective for creative ideation in product design. Hence researchers created databases with models of engineering and biological ...

A new research protocol for using system maps in systemic design research

Moons, Stine; Noëth, Esther; Du Bois, Els; Jacoby, Alexis // 2023
System maps are established tools in design practice and education as well as non-design research, both as a process and an outcome of systemic analysis and synthesis. Applying causal loop diagrams ...

Aligning functional analysis processes with designers' natural cognitive flow

Reeling, Hunter Scott; She, Jinjuan // 2023
Engineering design in new product development is a constant battle between creativity and strict structure. As researchers look to optimize the process, each stage is placed under a microscope to put ...

An Exploration of the Role of Creativity in Crowdfunding Product Design Projects

Han, Ji (1); Jiang, Pingfei (2); Hua, Min (3); Childs, Peter R. N. (4) // 2023
Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular for funding projects, particularly in the domain of product design, by asking a large group of people. Previous studies have indicated that creativity ...

An Instinct Approach to Design

Fukuda, Shuichi // 2023
The word “Design” is used in many ways. But most of them consider it from the standpoint of artificial or man-made. In other words, as “Human Intelligence”, But we should remember we are born to ...

Application of anamorphism in product design

Kettley, Calum; Wodehouse, Andrew // 2023
This research aims to investigate the incorporation of anamorphism into product design and has resulted in the creation of a series of handheld objects with embedded anamorphic information. ...

Assessing Eye Gaze Patterns between Intermediate and Advanced Design Sketchers

Howell, Bryan; Jackson, Asa River; Edwards, Alexandra M.; Kilbourn-Barber, Katherine; Bliss, Kaylee; Morgan, Addie Payne // 2023
One difficulty with sketching pedagogy is the tendency to assess growth according to outcomes, as opposed to processes. We assessed eye gaze patterns between advanced and intermediate design ...

Assessment of Product Design and Engineering students essential skills' for tomorrow

Gallindo, Viviane; Lim, Melissa; Boora, Aasish; Castro, Gabriela; Das, Monikuntala; Silva, Arlindo // 2023
This paper explores the assessment of Critical and Creative Thinking skills among Product Design and Engineering (PDE) students, whose profession holds significant potential for addressing the ...


Underwood, Gary Stuart; Powell, John // 2023
Human-Centred Design (HCD) has become a key component of design teaching over the last thirty years. Central to HCD is the concept of design empathy, and many techniques and tools have been developed ...

Characteristics of Interpersonal Phonetic Communication in Resonance During Co-creation

Matsumae, Akane (1); Shichijo, Karen (2); Shoji, Keisuke (2); Sawai, Ken-ichi (1) // 2023
This study is aimed to understand the relationship between resonance and interpersonal phonetic communication during co-creation from the following points of view: linguistic functional factors and ...

Chronobiology in divergent thinking: how designers are affected by time of day

Colombo, Samuele (1); Gero, John S. (2); Cantamessa, Marco (1) // 2023
Chronobiology is the science that studies the role of time in biology. The study of time in human bodies revealed the presence of internal rhythms related to the time of day. Considering divergent ...

Collaborative teamwork prototyping and creativity in digital fabrication design education

Georgiev, Georgi V. (1); Nanjappan, Vijayakumar (1); Casakin, Hernan (2); Soomro, Sohail (1,3) // 2023
Digital fabrication laboratories play a role as an educational environment in which different learning activities incorporate advanced technological developments. Digital fabrication design education ...

Comparison between experimentation and multiphysics modelling to identify priority contradiction

Dubois, Sebastien (1,2); Chibane, Hicham (1,2); De Guio, Roland (1,2) // 2023
The contradictions of TRIZ are now widespread and recognized as an effective inventive design tool. They make it possible to find solution concepts to problems that cannot be solved by optimization ...

Creative design thinking approach to support the complex learning environment of the classroom for autistic children and their teachers

Elmarakbi, Nesrin; Pearson, Amy; McIntyre ,John // 2023
This study presents a case study of autistic children, their teachers, and teaching assistants at Marine Park primary school in the UK. There is a gap in social communication between teachers and ...


Gill, Carolina; Umstead, Kelly; Behnam Asl, Sana; Mahtani, Raunak // 2023
Visualisations provide an accessible way to unveil new patterns or promote new perspectives on data. Data visualisations can also aid in highlighting the context and scope of social issues and is a ...

Data-pushed projects: the role of anomalies to build design processes for subsequent exploration

Bordas, Antoine; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoit // 2023
Data-pushed projects are common in companies and consist in the design of a model in order to deliver a desirable output. The design of data science models appears at the intersection of optimisation ...


Curralo, Ana Filomena; Curado, António; Nunes, Leonel; Lopes, Sergio Ivan // 2023
Design is a creative and innovative process that takes advantage of engineering's technical knowledge to develop products, services, and benefits for a consumption-driven society. This article ...


Pérez Machin, Haizea // 2023
This article proposes an educational module that promotes the study of ecofeminism within product design in high education for ethical design thinking. Design materializes concepts and leads ...


Hamilton, Victoria Catherine; Brisco, Ross // 2023
The current and future workforce need to be multi-skilled, adaptable, collaborative and creative in finding new solutions to problems. Importantly, they need a good understanding that there needs to ...

Designing with Self-Determination Theory: Home-Based Digital Exercise Interventions Creating Positive Change

Şener, Bahar; Pedgley, Owain // 2023
The well-thought implementation of technology within the product-service system (PSS) will undoubtedly contribute to the increase of healthy life expectancy and to the improvement of the wellbeing of ...

Differences in analogical source selections between designers and non-designers during the collaborative analogical design process

Lu, Han; Sun, Gang; Xu, Jingyu; Su, Pujie; Tang, Xingyue; Zhang, Yajing // 2023
The selection of an analogical source is a critical step in the design-by-analogy process. Previous researchers have explored the reasons and preferences of individual designers or design teams in ...

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