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Exploring the effect of combinational pictorial stimuli on creative design performance

Hua, Min (1); Han, Ji (2); Ma, Xuezi (3); Childs, Peter (1) // 2019
Visual stimuli can be useful in supporting design ideation process. However, researchers still know very little about how stimuli should be delivered to designers during the early design stage. This ...

Exploring the role of linguistic abstraction in idea-generation sessions

Antoniou, Rafaella; Dekoninck, Elies; Bonvoisin, J // 2019
For many years, both academia and industry have been interested in increasing the efficiency of idea-generation meetings. Alex Osborne's (1953) rules for brainstorming are an early attempt to do so, ...

Extracting and analysing design process data from log files of ICT supported co-creative sessions

Becattini, Niccolo' (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); O'Hare, Jamie Alexander (2); Morosi, Federico (1); Boujut, Jean-Francois (3) // 2019
The observation of designers' behaviour in collaborative design activities and the analysis of protocols improved the understanding of how novel ideas emerge, what occurs among designers and, ...

Fostering creativity in design - An empirical study on improvement of requirement-satisfaction with introduction of InDeaTe tool

Acharya, Shakuntala (1); Bhatt, Apoorv Naresh (1); Chakrabarti, Amaresh (1); Nagai, Yukari (2) // 2019
In today?s highly competitive market, product success is determined by two critical factors - innovation and sustainability. While innovation looks to rampantly satisfy the consumers' ever growing ...

Future Learning and Design Creativity Competency

Nagai, Yukari (1); Shimogoori, Akio (2); Ariga, Minatsu (1); Georgiev, Georgi V. (3) // 2019
In this study, we discuss a structure for developing the skills and competencies required by the learning framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for future ...

Giving Meaning To Products Via A Conceptual Design Approach

Naz Yaldız and Mark Bailey // 2019
Although the conceptual design is a fundamental process through which design decisions are made, its focus is on finding the right solution. Is finding the right solution enough for a good design? ...

Goal oriented provision of design principles for additive manufacturing to support conceptual design

Schumacher, Felix (1); Watschke, Hagen (2); Kuschmitz, Sebastian (2); Vietor, Thomas (2) // 2019
Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers a new degree in design freedom. However, in order to exploit AM?s potentials in end-use products a methodical approach and suitable tools especially during ...

Heuristic Evaluation Of Ambient Devices Using Smart Materials

Marques-Lima, Lucas (2); Faucheu, Jenny (1) // 2019
Teaching ?calm technology? and ?smart materials? as prospective trends in product design is the motivation of the educational workshop presented in this paper. Materials can trigger creative ...

Impact of inventive design education through the correlation between students? grades and individual talent

Becattini, Niccolo; Cascini, Gaetano // 2019
This paper aims at assessing the impact of inventive design education on students attending a class on Methods and Tools for Systematic Innovation. The study stems from the difficulty to understand ...


Borges, Afonso (1,2); Vicente, José // 2019
A look at the international reference courses in the field of industrial design seems to reveal a significant concentration in developed regions with a high industrial and solid creative development, ...

Innovative Design Within Tradition - Injecting Topos Structures In C-K Theory To Model Culinary Creation Heritage

Hatchuel, Armand; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoit; Carvajal-Perez, Daniel // 2019
In "Grande cuisine? creation and tradition co-evolve in a rich number of ways. Great chefs still use recipes from the 19th century and may also reinvent gastronomy itself. The creation heritage of ...


Willems, Laura; Laperre, Dries // 2019
INNOWIZ (innovation wizard) is an easy to learn creativity method that on one hand helps chaotic people to find structure and deliver on time, and on the other hand helps structured people to ...


Yu, Shu (1,2); Yuizono, Takaya (1); Kim, Eunyoung (1) // 2019
Under the trend of innovative society and economic development, how to cultivate different types of innovative professional design talents in a more effective and practical way is an important ...

Inventions and scientific discoveries: impact of designers? collaborations on creativity. An analysis towards fixation effects

Plantec, Quentin (1,2); Le Masson, Pascal (1); Weil, Benoit (1) // 2019
Scientific discoveries and inventions have long been established as two distinct and sequential activities. It has nonetheless been showed that projects aiming at producing both scientific ...

Knowledge Management for Problem Solving Using Semistructured Contradiction Matrix Based on Physical Quantity Description

Murakami, Tamotsu // 2019
A Contradiction Matrix of TRIZ that classifies problems to solve as contradictions of features is an effective framework of knowledge management for problem solving. The features, however, may have a ...


Elaver, Richard Anthony (1); Laperre, Dries (2); Lewis, Mark (1) // 2019
Product Design has historically been a very focused discipline, often taught as a professional program preparing students to fill a known role in industry. This has become, for many schools, a kind ...

Looking for Inspiration: Understanding the Information Evaluation and Seeking Behavior of Novice Designers During Creative Idea Generation

Damen, Nicole; Toh, Christine // 2019
Information usage is a key aspect of creative cognition and has been shown to influence design outcomes. The goal of this study was to investigate the information seeking behavior of student ...

Measuring Systems Engineering and Design Thinking Attitudes

Greene, Melissa T.; Gonzalez, Richard; Papalambros, Panos Y. // 2019
Systems engineering and design thinking have been widely seen as distinctly different processes, systems engineering being more data-driven and analytical, and design thinking being more ...


Sandy, Margot Lynn // 2019
In the last 5 years, the demand for new goods has increased dramatically with the consumer products business seeing large gains in online sales and still some growth in brick and mortar stores. These ...

Open source hardware communities: investigating participation in design activities

Boujut, Jean-Fran // 2019
Open source design of hardware products is an emerging phenomenon that takes more and more importance today?s in the society. However, open source (hardware) design implies a tremendous change in ...

Orienting Through the Variants of the Shah's A-Posteriori Novelty Metric

Fiorineschi, Lorenzo; Frillici, Francesco Saverio; Rotini, Federico // 2019
Different variants of a-posteriori novelty metrics can be found in the literature. Indeed, such a kind of assessment procedures is often used to extract useful information about creativity and/or ...

Participatory and Inclusive Assistive Technology Innovation Clinics in Design Schools

Bhatnagar, Tigmanshu (1); Patel, Rohit (2); Roopchandani, Bhavik (3); Ashraf, Faisal (4) // 2019
People living with disabilities can have needs for Assistive Technology (AT) that are out of the scope of occupational therapists, commercial markets and charitable distributions. For such needs, ...

Patent Classification as Stimulus for Inspiring New Applications of Existing Knowledge

Fiorineschi, Lorenzo; Frillici, Francesco Saverio; Rotini, Federico // 2019
This paper aims to provide suggestions for the identification of potential new applications for the existing knowledge. A method is presented for extracting information about a product or technology, ...


De Vos, Ellen (1,3,5); Xin, Xin (2); De Marez, Lieven (4,5); De Ruyck, Olivia (3,4,5); Emmanouil, Marina (1) // 2019
ty’s newly founded (2016) master program in User Experience (UX), employs a curriculum that recognizes the role of design pedagogy and the teaching of creative thinking for innovation. The ...

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