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Reframing the design process: Integrating goals, methods and manifestation into the co-evolution model

Storm, Rosa; van Maanen, Jeffrey; Gon // 2019
In their early years of education, design students may experience difficulties in reframing design problems. Since reframing is linked to creativity, this may be problematic. While there are some ...

Reviving everyday products by understanding the user behaviour of everyday designing

Kim, Soyoung (1); Yoon, JungKyoon (2); Kim, Chajoong (1) // 2019
Everyday Designing (ED) involves the re-use of existing products for new purposes. In order to gain an understanding of how people perceive and apply product elements as cues for everyday designing ...

Semantic measures for enhancing creativity in design education

Georgiev, Georgi V. (1); Casakin, Hernan (2) // 2019
Analysing verbal data produced during the design activity is helpful to gain a better understanding of design creativity. To understand exchange of information in terms of creative outcomes, a ...

Shedding light on game engines and virtual reality for design ideation

Ekstr // 2019
While pen-and-paper sketches is generally considered the best tool for design ideation, there are certain areas of design where the ideas being generated do not easily lend themselves to sketching. ...

Speculative and Critical Design ? Features, Methods, and Practices

Johannessen, Leon Karlsen; Keitsch, Martina Maria; Pettersen, Ida Nilstad // 2019
Speculative and Critical Design (SCD) confronts traditional design practice. Instead of reproducing and reinforcing contemporary perceptions of products and services, SCD seeks to change them, with ...

Sprinting out of stuckness: Overcoming moments of stuckness to support the creativity flow in agile team settings

Shah, Ashni; Huidobro Pereda, Alfonso; Gon // 2019
Multidisciplinary agile teams working in fast paced, delivery-oriented sprint cycles of two weeks can experience moments of stuckness. Typically, these moments can be characterised by the inability ...

Studying Design Thinking as a forthcoming source to innovation speed

Mitcheltree, Christina Marie; Holtskog, Halvor; Ringen, Geir // 2019
With complex technology-intense industries follows an ever-increasing need for rapid innovation processes. Yet, innovation speed and the time from idea to product realization can vary and be ...

Supporting Creativity with Virtual Reality Technology

Graessler, Iris; Taplick, Patrick // 2019
This contribution includes the development and validation of a Virtual Reality (VR) supported creativity technique: "Sensory Stimulus Environment Technique". Key elements of this technique are the ...


Nutzmann, Marc (1); Sauer, Thorsten (1); VOß, Markus (2); Bozkurt, Hulusi (2) // 2019
Mechanical Engineering students acquire knowledge and skills in engineering design through several courses reaching from learning how to setup technical design drawings, CAD-courses, several courses ...

Teaching and Learning Design Methods: Facing the Related Issues with TRIZ

Fiorineschi, Lorenzo; Frillici, Francesco Saverio; Rotini, Federico // 2019
Design methods are claimed to support designers but, although they are largely taught in academia, their industrial uptake is still lacking. Many reasons have been identified about this flaw and some ...

The 'Responsibility' Factor In Imagining The Future Of Education In China

De Vos, Ellen (1,3); Xin, Xin (2); De Marez, Lieven (3,4); Emmanouil, Marina (1) // 2019
Design and creativity have been a considerable force for improving life conditions. A lot of effort has been invested in explaining the design process and creativity mainly through the design ...

The Construction Of Design Science Knowledge Graphs - Based On National Natural Science Foundation Of China

Xu, Jiang (1); Sun, Gang (1); Ou, Xifan (1); Xu, Jingyu (1); Lu, Han (1); Su, Pujie (1); Wei, Qiushi (1); Ding, Man (2) // 2019
In the era of knowledge networking, the structure and production mode of knowledge are constantly changing. This article creatively introduces the knowledge mapping method in design research, and ...

The design process at Le Corbusier, case of the Ronchamp chapel

Outmoune, Nadjat (1,2,3); Arrouf, Abdelmalek (1,2) // 2019
This work falls within the empirical studies of design activity. Its project is to understand Le Corbusier?s designing way and how does he work and structure his design processes. Doing so, it jumps ...


Andreassen, Kristin; Lyche, Wenche; Haugen, Sigrid // 2019
How do we train product design students’ creative skills using traditional material processing techniques and advanced production processes using Vygotzky’s zone of proximal development as a ...

The impact of viewing images of precedents on the cognitive process of architectural idea generation

Djari, Chahinez (1,2); Arrouf, Abdelmalek (1,2) // 2019
Among the increasing number of researches about design thinking, several studies, empirically investigate the report between design process and different sources of inspiration. Visualization of ...

The Novelty Perspectives Framework: A new conceptualisation of novelty for cognitive design studies

Hay, Laura; Duffy, Alex; Grealy, Madeleine // 2019
Novelty can be evaluated from the perspective of the designer who creates a concept (personal novelty), and people who perceive it post-creation (socio-novelty). In each case, the extent to which the ...


Barr, Gavin James; Maclachlan, Ross // 2019
New digital sketch hardware and environments are increasingly used by design professionals and students to replicate traditional sketch platforms with multiple paperless advantages. The promise of ...

Three-dimensional approach for assessing uncommonness of ideas

Fiorineschi, Lorenzo; Frillici, Francesco Saverio; Rotini, Federico // 2019
A posteriori novelty metrics are often used in design research, in order to extract important information about creativity. However, different assessment approaches can be found in the literature, ...

Towards Creativity Stimulating Design Intervention For Multidisciplinary Innovation Teams

Sander Välk; Céline Mougenot // 2019
The aim of our research is to stimulate cross disciplinary design collaboration to improve innovation processes in product and service design domain. We focus on the intersection of biotechnology and ...


McCardle, John; Angus, Ross; Trott, James // 2019
In 2008 the Design Research Society held its biennial conference at Sheffield University, UK, under the banner, “Undisciplined!”. In recognition of the changing landscape of design practice, the ...

Visual sensemaking of massive crowdsourced data for design ideation

He, Yuejun (1); Camburn, Bradley (1); Luo, Jianxi (1); Yang, Maria C. (2); Wood, Kristin L. (1) // 2019
Textual idea data from online crowdsourcing contains rich information of the concepts that underlie the original ideas and can be recombined to generate new ideas. But representing such information ...

Visualised frames: how sketching influences framing behaviour in design teams

Yang, Yujing; Brik, Natalie; de Jong, Peter; Guerreiro Goncalves, Milene // 2019
Framing is a crucial skill for connecting problem and solution spaces in the creative design process, both for individuals and teams. Frames are implicit in individuals? cognitive thinking, but the ...


Green, Stephen (1); Page, A. Freddie (1); De'ath, Paul (2); Pei, Eujin (3); Lam, Busayawan (3) // 2019
The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) acronym is claimed to have been coined in the US Army War College and by 2014 was a ‘trendy managerial acronym’ . The term’s military ...

3D-printing as a Creative Modelling and Prototyping Tool

Ottosson, Stig // 2018
3D-printing offers possibilities to quickly and cheaply play with different body shapes, material texture, and the functions of objects as well as to test, compare and judge which of the different ...

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