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First Components to Support, to Make Durable and to Control Creative Inputs through Materials and Processes

Béranger, Anne; Bassereau, Jean-François; Aoussat, Améziane // 2009
Creativity in design allows ideas renewal and thus takes part in the dynamism and the longevity of a company. However, the creative individual draws his inspiration in various sources which in our ...

Idea Fixation in Design: The In uence of Pictures and Words

Cardoso,Carlos; Badke-Schaub,Petra // 2009
During design problem solving designers often search for support in external sources of information, such as pictures, written descriptions and physical examples of available solutions. While ...

Innovation design engineering: non-linear progressive education for diverse intakes

Hall, Ashley; Childs, Peter // 2009
This paper discusses the non-linear progressive educational techniques developed and adopted by the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) masters degree at the Royal College of Art and Imperial ...

Interdisciplinary Product Design and East-Asian Collaborative Design Education Program

Kim, Yong Se; Kim, Myoun; Kim, Kee-Ok; Lee, Seongil; Lee, Sang Won; Kang, Mujin // 2009
This paper discusses the interdisciplinary product design course aimed at teaching user-centered design methods for a novel products and services using interdisciplinary design teams. The ...

International Design Studio Project: Australian findings on preparing industrial design students for the global emerging economy

Novoa, Mauricio // 2009
Following a presentation in the previous EPDE 08 Barcelona Conference, this paper reports on the progress and Australian findings relating to an international collaborative and distributed design ...

Investigating the Experience of ‘Letting Go’ in Creative Process of Designers

Sharma,Aneesha; Poovaiah,Ravi // 2009
The experience of letting go is much spoken about and written by many practicing creative professionals, especially artists and performers. Many claim that their best works happened when they were in ...

Is "Creative Subject" of Brouwer a Designer? An Analysis of Intuitionist Mathematics From the Viewpoint of C-K Design Theory

Kazakci, Akin Osman; Hatchuel, Armand // 2009
The paper considers one of the main constructive mathematical theories - the Intuitionist Mathematics. Brouwer, the father of Intuitionist Mathematics, describes mathematics as the study of mental ...

London Design Map: Design Schools

Green, Stephen // 2009
Design is widely recognised as an important component of the creative industries (design based businesses), and as part of business innovation (an ingredient within successful business), both of ...

Organizational Factors Affecting Product Innovation Capability: Findings from the Med-Tech Industry

Olsson, Annika; Blomé, Mikael; Guve, Bertil; Kaulio, Matti; Norell Bergendahl, Margareta; Odenrick, Per // 2009
Research in innovation has created much knowledge to apply concerning tools, methods and processes. However, the challenge of allowing "space", time and competence for innovation capability ...

PIEp EDU: Education for Product Innovation

Grimheden, Martin // 2009
This paper presents results from the first two years of a large attempt at changing Swedish higher education - a system change toward synthesis, creativity, product innovation and entrepreneurship. ...

Providing Value to a Business Using a Lightweight Design System to Support Knowledge Reuse by Designers

Reed, Nicholas J.; Scanlan, James P.; Wills, Gary B.; Halliday, Steven T. // 2009
This paper describes an alternative approach to knowledge based systems in engineering than traditional geometry or explicit knowledge focused systems. Past systems have supported product ...

Reducing and Perceiving Design Fixation: Initial Results from an NSF-Sponsored Workshop

Linsey, Julie; Tseng, Ian; Fu, Katherine; Cagan, Jonathan; Wood, Kristin // 2009
This study evaluated the effects of design fixation in a group of engineering design faculty, and also provides evidence for approaches to overcome design fixation. Three conditions were compared, a ...

Risk Management in New Product Development Projects: Taking Creativity into Consideration

Sperandio, Severine; Robin, Vincent; Girard, Philippe // 2009
Innovation or New Development Product (NPD) corresponds to the application of new and creative ideas. The innovation process is always a rhythm of search and selection, exploration and synthesis, ...

Role playing and collaborative scenario development

Diaz, Lily; Salmi, Anna; Reunanen, Markku // 2009
Collaborative design activity can provide creative design solutions as well as be a source of enrichment for all participants. Nevertheless, instantiating collaboration among team members coming from ...

Stimulating a creative approach to learning about a manufacturing process

Loy, Jennifer Elizabeth // 2009
As educators, we understand the theory of student-centered learning, but translating that into practical projects for students is a challenge compared to traditional lecturer-led, exam based ...

Stimulating Creativity: A More Practical Alternative to TRIZ

Howard, Thomas James; Culley, Stephen J; Dekoninck, Elies A // 2009
Being able to stimulate creative ideas on demand is a desire for engineers, scientists and artists alike. Creative stimulus in the form of the TRIZ inventive principles have shown much potential, ...

Study on Personal Characteristics and Affordance Perception: Another Case Study

Kim, Yong Se; Lee, Seongil; Park, Jeong Joo; Kim, Min Kyoung; Kim, Mee // 2009
Affordances could be regarded as an underlying value aspect for human-centered product, space, and service design. User activities in performing tasks are influenced by the way the user perceives the ...

Style-branding, aesthetic design DNA

Eves, Bob; Hewitt, Jon // 2009
This paper is a continuation from papers presented at previous PDE, EPDE and SEED conferences. The paper outlines research being developed by the Creative Design Research Group and taught on design ...

Suggestion Systems for Engineering Designers - a Case Study

Detterfelt, Jonas; Lovén, Eva; Lakemeond, Nicolette // 2009
Creativity is an important characteristic of engineering design and one can learn much about creative methods for solving design problems in the literature. In reality, however, the spontaneous ...

Teaching sustainable design through a creative approach to technology and recycling

Sazhina, Elena; Manzanares, Elizabeth // 2009
A recent study to integrate sustainable development into teaching process for undergraduate and postgraduate students at School of Environment and Technology (SET), Faculty of Science and Engineering ...

The Integration of Systems Levels and Design Activities to Position Creativity Support Tools

Howard,Thomas; Culley,Steve ; Dekoninck, Elies // 2009
When beginning to investigate `creativity in detailed design' it becomes apparent that the literature and discourse regarding the terms; conceptual and detailed design are confused at a point or ...

The Potential of Creativity Metrics for Mechanical Engineering Concept Design

Oman, Sarah; Tumer, Irem Y. // 2009
This paper endeavors to describe how creativity factors into engineering demand for creative products in all domains has increased dramatically in the last decade, warranting the need for a method to ...

The significance of purchasing behavioural characteristics on sustainable design education of students

Hunt, Clive; Reynolds, Tim James // 2009
More and more businesses appear to be adopting the societal (or sustainable) marketing concept as their business philosophy. This is an attempt to increase their competitiveness and promote their ...

The use of creativity methods for Industrial Design problem solving,

Moghaddam, Nasrin; Ajdari, Alireza // 2009
In this paper several approaches of creativity would be reviewed and then evaluated. The goal of the paper is to find a range of creativity methods which would be more suitable for designers. Based ...

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