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A Structured Approach to Re-Organize for Creativity

Sosa, Manuel; Danilovic, Mike // 2009
One of the most difficult challenges when managing innovation is to identify the individuals within the organization that need to work closely with each other to maximize the generation of creative ...

Analyzing Creativity Methods

Sarkar,Prabir ; Chakrabarti,Amaresh // 2009
There exists many creativity enhancing methods or techniques. Some of these methods could be more effective than others. Analyzing techniques to select the most suitable one is an important issue ...

Aspects of Nonlinearity in Conceptual Design

Kroll, Ehud; Condoor, Sridhar S. // 2009
Systematic Design methods present a sequential model of conceptual design, whereby function structures are established, solution principles sought, and then combined to form the product concept. We ...

Assessing Design Methods for Functional Representation and Concept Generation: Strategies and Preliminary Results

Tate, Derrick; Agarwal, Aditya; Zhang, Linjing // 2009
To support collaborative conceptual design, methods for functional representation and concept generation are essential. Many methods have been proposed following various design theories, but little ...

Cognition, Intelligence, Creativity to Innovation

Das,Kumar Lalit ; Kumar,L. Kris // 2009
Understanding the growth of cognition, intelligence, creativity and innovativeness is essential for the development of design education, generally stymied by uneasy tussle between science and arts. ...

Collaboration Support System for Analyzing Individual Differences Based on Designers’ Idea Evaluation

Kobayashi, Masakazu; Higashi, Masatake // 2009
In our previous research, we focused on the creative aspects of collaboration and proposed an analytical method of ideas created by designers during collaborative design projects. This method ...

Comparing creative behaviours observed when D and D sketch modelling and when using CAD

Musta'amal, Aede Hatib; Norman, Eddie; Hodgson, Tony // 2009
At E&PDE08, the authors presented a paper that demonstrated links between the use of computeraided design (CAD) when designing and a 'creative behaviours model' derived from published research into ...

Creating a Better World by International Collaboration in Product Innovation Engineering - The PIEp Way

Grimheden, Martin; Berglund, Anders // 2009
This article summarizes efforts undertaken within the Swedish Product Innovation Engineering program (PIEp), in the area of education for product innovation. A key aspect of the program is to create ...

Creating better communities: involving design students in regeneration projects

Schaber, Friedemann // 2009
How can University Design students pursue their studies imaginatively whilst making a real contribution to the community and built environment in an English Midlands town? The paper discusses the ...

Creative Environments for Innovative Learning Processes

Eriksson, Yvonne; Jerregård, Helena // 2009
Visual arte facts, such as toys, pictures in schoolbooks and advertisements affect children emotionally, and they are crucial as role model for their identity. Identity and self-confidence is vital ...

Creative Methods for Opportunity Mapping in the Initial Phase of Design

Menon,Gayatri // 2009
As the nature of design problems becomes more complex and multifaceted, it becomes important to understand the problem space/ context to arrive at opportunities for rede ning design briefs and ...

Creativity Theories and Scientific Discovery: A Study of C-K Theory and Infused Design

Shai, Offer; Reich, Yoram; Hatchuel, Armand; Subrahmanian, Eswaran // 2009
Creativity is central to human activity and is a powerful force in personal and organizational success. Approaches to supporting creativity are diverse and numerous. The only way to understand the ...

Design for extreme environment: experience of Russian MD course

Garin, Nickolay; Usenyuk, Svetlana; Panova, Maria; Kukanov, Denis // 2009
Russia is the largest northern polycultural country, i.e. the territory of environmental and cultural extremes. The issue of comfortable human existence may be solved by creating a 'new culture' as ...

Design Interventions: Economic Development and Educational Enhancement

Wood, Bruce // 2009
Economic development agencies at national and regional levels have recognised the importance of design and creativity as a driver toward growth, wealth creation and potentially company and job ...

Design of an Innovation Program

Deshpande,Hrridaysh // 2009
In this paper we discuss the pedagogical approach to teaching innovation to professionals. We shall put forth our planned pedagogical approach outlining strategies that generate qualities such as ...

Design Theory and Collective Creativity: A Theoretical Framework to Evaluate KCP Process

Le Masson, Pascal; Hatchuel, Armand; Weil, Benoit // 2009
KCP method is a new method for collective creative design. To evaluate and position this method in the constellation of other collective creativity method, we propose an integrated framework based on ...

Design Thinking Challenges in Education

Ericson, Åsa; Bergström, Mattias; Larsson, Andreas; Törlind, Peter // 2009
Product development processes are commonly represented in sequential models covering the necessary stages from planning to product rollout, while processes to take needs into the development ...

Designing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering and Management

Ekman, Sten; Ekman, Annalill // 2009
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to design entrepreneurial mindsets in different academic cultures and its motives with focus on engineering and management education. Empirical data are ...

Developing creative engineers: a design approach to engineering education

de Vere, Ian // 2009
Despite an increase in calls for reform of engineering education, engineering faculties continue to focus somewhat narrowly on the science of engineering, without sufficient curriculum opportunities ...

Developing IDPEO - a Multidisciplinary Approach to Product Realization

Wiktorsson, Magnus; Wikström, Anders; Jackson, Mats; Ekman, Sten // 2009
On the background of a changing industrial landscape and key elements of the realization of complex integrated products, this paper discuss and explore an "innovative" approach towards ...

Education of T-shaped Technical Innovation (MBA) Managers

Gerson, Philips M.; Ramond, Bruno // 2009
The Open-Dynamic Design research and experiments within an international network learned that the key for successful Technical Innovation are T-shaped engineers, with a solid technical foundation ...

Elaboration of innovative safety equipment concepts for infants

Nelson, Julien; Buisine, Stéphanie; Aoussat, Améziane; Duchamp, Robert // 2009
Designing safety systems for infants poses several methodological problems. One consequence of these is that existing systems fail to effectively prevent accidents in this specific population. In ...

Exercise of imagination to think about new designs

Lloveras, Joaquim // 2009
Due to global competition, better products are expected to be produced in a race towards innovation, leaving old products obsolete. This new situation involves training new generations of engineers ...

Exercises for Cognitive Elements of Design Creativity

Kim, Yong Se; Lee, Sang Won; Park, Jung Ae; Jeong, Ji Yun // 2009
This paper discusses the development of a set of exercises to address the cognitive elements of creativity; fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration and problem sensitivity. To foster the ...

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  • +design community
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  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
    Find rows that contain words such as “design”, “designs”, “designing”, or “designer”.
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