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DoDesign: A Tool for Creativity-based Innovation

Wuytens, Karen; Willems, Bert // 2010
This paper describes the results of a pilot project set up to develop the concept behind DoDesign. DoDesign is a design tool and platform aimed at stimulating designers towards innovative designs ...

Enabling Creativity. Imagination in Design Processes

Folkmann, Mads Nygaard // 2010
The paper is a theoretical contribution to design epistemology. It proposes a framework for describing and analyzing the workings of imagination in creative design processes. The approach of the ...

Experimental Investigation on Effects of Explanation Activities on improvement in creative ideas

Kanzaki, Nana; Miwa, Kazuhisa // 2010
In the present study, we investigate the effects of explanation activities on creative idea generation. In our experiment, in Phase 1, the participants were required to design furniture from given ...

Exploring the Relationships between Emotion and Design Process for Designers today

Ho, Amic G. // 2010
Design process involved different sub-processes and components and each of them interacts with each other to build up a comprehensive system. Different aspects of factors may affect the process, ...

Fabrications of Natural and Artificial: A Case Study of Enhancing Users’ Impressions

Gwilt, Ian; Georgiev, Georgi V; Nagai, Yukari // 2010
This paper focuses on users’ in-depth impressions, which underlie the superficial impressions of design. We employed a concept network-based methodology for identification of in-depth impressions. To ...

Find The Gap – developing abilities in space consciousness for enhanced learning

Simpson-Little, Diane; Long, Christopher // 2010
Creativity and design is ultimately about making things that are visible, whether it is a chair, a sculpture, a poem or a theory. Nevertheless, it is where the initial creativity occurs in the ...

From research-based teaching to teaching-based research and back.

Poulsen, Søren Bolvig; Morelli, Nicola // 2010
between students from various educations with small/medium sized companies at various locations in Scandinavia. This article describes the research/teaching set up at Aalborg University, Denmark, ...

Gaining Insights from Poetic Collaboration as a Way to Inform Teamwork in Technological Design

Beatty, Erin L; Ball, Linden J // 2010
We report a study examining the nature of collaboration in poetry composition in order to inform the optimisation of teamwork processes in technological design. Our interview-based data, derived from ...

HELP! Engaging students in an immersive simulation to increase empathy when designing emergency products

Grundy, Catherine Anne; Brewster, Diane // 2010
In a creative exploration with second year students at the University of Sussex, we attempted to investigate how we can improve our understanding of being in a panic situation in order to ...


Kazamia, K. I.; Kafaridou, M. O. // 2010
This paper explores the term “Interior Design” and in particular the relationship of the interior design profession with its direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Furthermore it expands the ...


Fukuda, S. // 2010
Our product development has been product-oriented and one way from the producer to the customer. We have regarded them as mere passive consumers and failed to notice our customers are creative and ...

How codes of practice might improve completion rates in design research

Eves, Bob // 2010
This paper discusses how codes of practice might improve completion rates in design research. The paper is structured into main parts of: What is design research?; problems experienced in research ...


Hacker, W.; Melzer, M.; Debitz, U.; Stelzer, R. // 2010
The integration of teaching non-technical (“soft”) skills in engineers’ initial and further education is important, but widely disregarded (e.g. Crawley, Malmqvist, Östlund & Brodeur, 2007). ...

Implementation of Design Project to Foster Creative Nurses

Ishii, Norio; Ito, Hiroyasu; Anai, Mie // 2010
In this research, we designed a learning environment to foster creative nurses. We conducted a design project in the 2009 academic year for second-year nursing students of Aichi Kiwami College of ...

Interdisciplinary Considerations when Designing for Children Play

Bjar, Mia; Rabben, Silje; Wullum, Ole Petter; Boks, Casper // 2010
Designing for children has received little attention in product design research. Multidisciplinary aspects play only a minor role in the search for high-value products that develop children in a ...

Investigating the Nature of Creativity as it is Understood in Graphic Design Industries

Alhajri, Salman Amur // 2010
Purpose: this paper identifies the meanings of creativity from socio-cultural perspectives within the specific context of the graphic design discipline. It tries to identify what is ‘creative’ as it ...

Kaikaku – A Complement to Emergence based Development

Backstrom, Tomas: Olsson, Bengt Olof Koping // 2010
Radical change, or Kaikaku, is typically organized as a top-down change project based on a design process strategy. Creative processes are emergent and tend to refuse goal-steering. Still, group ...

Learning from Learning Spaces

Covill, Derek; Simpson Little, Diane; Katx ,Tim; Morris, Richard // 2010
In March 2007 the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex each opened experimental learning spaces as part of their contribution to the Centre of Excellence in Teaching and ...

Linking design, analysis, manufacture and test in the engineering student experience

Childs, Peter; McGlashan, Niall; Gosling, Graham; Aurisicchio, Marco // 2010
The modern engineer needs to have diverse skills ranging from abilities in re-design, co-design, customisation, management of resources and intellectual property, combined with technical ...

MA Design Practice & Management: A Real Industry and Academic Collaboration

Evans, Dorothy; Wood, Bruce // 2010
ective to create graduates who could better understand how to exploit their creativity, manage innovation, recognise and assess the credibility of their ideas and know how to implement them. This ...

Ma: The Realm of Mystery in Sugiura Kohei’s ‘Asian Grammar of Design’

Nguyen, Hung Ky // 2010
Since returning from a teaching trip in West Germany in 1967, and from an exploration across the Southern part of Asia, designer Sugiura Kohei has advocated an ‘Asian grammar of design’ as a new ...

Method for Analyzing Individual Differences in Idea Evaluation and Interpretation

Kobayashi, Masakazu; Higashi, Masatake // 2010
In the previous paper, we focused on individual differences among designers, especially differences in their idea evaluation and interpretation during collaborative creative activities and proposed ...


Gu, N.; Gül, L. F.; Williams, A. // 2010
Design education is concerned with learning theory and its applications in the design of artifacts that are essential to our society. 3D virtual worlds have the potential to make a major contribution ...

MOHE: Mobile Health for Moms, Kids, Adults and Elderly

Arslan, Pelin; Nam, Hyojin; Romero, Maximiliano; Perego, Paolo; Costa, Fiammetta; Andreoni, Giuseppe; Muschiato, Sabrina // 2010
This paper presents a creative process aimed at developing innovative scenarios for mobile health. In detail, within the entire “MOHE” research framework, the paper is focused on a creative workshop ...

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