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A Model of Creativity from the Paradigm of Complexity

Boccardo, Renzo; Lloveras, Joaquim // 2010
The ability to create is what distinguishes us from other living things, it is what makes possible to combine the knowledge in an original and useful way in the pursuit of invention and innovation. ...

A Study on the Convergence of Meaning and Creativity of the Generated Concepts in Design

Georgiev, Georgi; Nagai, Yukari; Taura, Toshiharu // 2010
This paper discusses an approach to convergence in conceptual design. The main issue is the ambiguity with regard to the manner in which ideas are structured and formed from diverse concepts in this ...

A Tool Set to Measure Creativity: Analyzing the Fitness of ABACUS as being the Complementary Tool for Linkography

Duwarahan, Rajendra // 2010
Creativity is hard to define. But from a very basic view point, it’s nothing but a “transition of a perspective that has a value to attract a group of audience”. Most measures of creativity are ...

Allowing Playfulness - Examining Innovativeness

Lindh Karlsson, Monica; Berglund, Anders; Ritzen, Sofia // 2010
A child’s playfulness and ability to fantasize are also key creative mechanisms in adulthood. Allowing low formal control functions and high self determination is valuable for intrinsic motivation, ...

An Analysis on Similarity of Product Images

Wang, Hung-Hsiang; Chan, Jung-Hsuan // 2010
Metaphor is based on the similarity of two things. It’s the center of creative thinking. The purpose of this study is to understand humans’ perception about similarity. This study uses Tversky's ...

An educational and commercial product design symbiosis: a case study

Dyer, Bryce Thomas Jeffrey; Glasspool, Chris; Terry, Simon // 2010
Product design education has been one of the most exciting and vibrant study paths in the last two decades. It presents students the opportunity to develop their skills and talents to create ...

An Ethnographic Study of Collaborative Design: Multi-modal Generation and (Re)-attribution of design ideas

Hébert, Anne-Marie; Détienne, Françoise; Licoppe, Christian // 2010
This paper presents an ethnographic study of a game design in a natural setting. Based on analyses of excerpts of interactions between designers, our approach combines content and interactional ...

Art-ethnography to Analyze the Role of Sketches in Car Designing

Eguchi, Michiro; Okada, Takeshi // 2010
In this study, we investigate the design process of car making at a Japanese car company. Using 161 sketches that a designer produced during the car design process, we analyze which areas of the car ...

Artistic Versus Generic Design Creativity

Brix, Anders // 2010
The field of design is expanding as new areas of application and new approaches are being developed. Different concepts of design obviously leads to deviant notions of creativity. If creativity is ...

Brainstorming is a Bowl of Spaghetti: An In Depth Study of Collaborative Design Process and Creativity Methods with Experienced Design Practitioners

Gongora, Layda; Dix, Alan // 2010
This article reports the findings of a study which comprised in depth interviews and an exercise using visual aids conducted at Philips research and Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands ...


Yilmaz, S.; Seifert, C. M. // 2010
This paper explores the use of design heuristics as cognitive strategies in the creation of innovative products. Design heuristics are guidelines that help the designer to consider areas of possible ...

Communicative affordance of industrial design sketching

Razzaghi, Mohammad; Nouri, Mobina // 2010
Design sketching, as a key designing technique and a rapid visual demonstration of design thinking, reasoning, and exploration, is being vastly utilized by industrial designers to communicate ...

Creative Customers and How We Can Meet their Expectations

Fukuda, Shuichi // 2010
Engineering is to create product/service to meet the expectations of our customers. The importance of creativity is increasing very rapidly to respond to their quickly diversifying expectations. But ...

Creative Design Thinking based on Understanding Human Imagination

Zhou, Feng; Georgiev, Georgi V; Nagai, Yukari; Morishita, Nami // 2010
This study aims to develop a methodology for designing based on human imagination. To propose and investigate the methodology, we carry out an action study for collecting the impressions of the ...

Creativity in Spatial Design Processes: Establishing a Non-Routine Design Approach

Rahmann, Heike; Jonas, Marieluise // 2010
This paper explores the implications of a process-based design approach for creativity in spatial design, with focus on landscape architectural design practice. While spatial design is often ...


Chamakiotis, P.; Dekoninck, E. A.; Panteli, N. // 2010
Virtual Teams are an increasingly seen phenomenon in the digitally-mediated global workplace. The creativity of Virtual Design Teams, a quite popular working arrangement amongst contemporary ...

Creativity is the Naturalized Self Experienced in Ontogenic Drift

Brewis, Julia // 2010
This paper deals with embodiment as a form of learning and experiencing the world. The first person experience and manifestation of being is promoted through sense awareness and mind-body ...

Design Education as a Passport to Professional Practice

Tovey, Michael John; Bull, Karen // 2010
The idea of a community of professional practice is a powerful one. There are communities of design practitioners for such groups as architects, graphic designers and others (this is illustrated ...

Design Heuristics in Ideation Across Engineering and Industrial Design Domains

Yilmaz, Seda, Daly, Shanna R; Seifert, Colleen; Gonzalez, Richard // 2010
How do designers explore a design space to generate diverse solutions? This work focuses on the identification of design heuristics used in the ideation process in the domains of industrial design ...

Design Thinking: An Educational Model towards Creative Confidence

Rauth, Ingo; Köppen, Eva; Jobst, Birgit; Meinel, Christoph // 2010
Design creativity is one of the most relevant fields in design and innovation. To better understand the effectiveness and origin of it, this study draws attention to the question of how design ...

Design Tribes and information spaces for creative conversations

Bardill ,Andy; Griffiths, Wyn; Fields, Bob;Jones, Sara // 2010
This paper reports on work in progress to augment the role and practice of Creative Conversations in product design education. We describe changes in practice designed to elevate the importance ...

Designing Across Disciplines: A Graduate Project in Packaging Re–Design

Lilly, Blaine; Williams, Callida; Gill , Carolina // 2010
Packaging design is inherently multi–disciplinary due to the conflicting constraints imposed by users at every step of the product design and manufacturing process. As such, it provides us with an ...

Developing Engineering Creativity in the Early Design Stages of Product Development Process

Ryynänen, Leena; Riitahuhta, Asko // 2010
The aim of the paper is to outline the background and basis for the TRIZ for Early Design stage research project that is about to be launched. Based on previous research, this paper presents an ...


Eckert, C. M.; Delamore, P.; Bell, C. // 2010
This paper reports on an unusual dialogue between two designers using Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology, one from the domain of aerospace, and the other from fashion design. Both designers saw the ...

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