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Knowledge Exchange and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: A Live Case Study Approach for Undergraduate Design Projects

Buck, Lyndon; Almrott, Ceri // 2012
This paper draws on experience gained from a Knowledge Transfer Partnership currently being undertaken by the authors, and how it has been used to provide case studies for undergraduate design ...

Learning for the Real World: Preparing Postgraduate Design Students for Employment through Embedding Work-Related Learning in the Curriculum

McKinnon, Sabine; Wood, Bruce // 2012
Employability has been the subject of considerable debate in the UK higher education sector for some time. In the case of design graduates there is evidence that employers are dissatisfied with their ...

Learning from Design Creativity; Translating Processes from Practice to Education

Holder, A.; Lovett, G. // 2012
This paper develops reflections on design creativity as a cross-curriculum tool in mainstream formal education at primary/elementary level. Evidence comes from a contemporary UK case study of a ...


Casakin, H.; Kreitler, S. // 2012
The paper explores the role of typology and its relation to creativity in design product and process. The Meaning Theory served to assess the pattern of Meaning Dimensions related to typology. ...


Roussel ,B.; Bary, R.; Ferioli ,M. // 2012
Since 10 years, during creativity sessions called “48hours”, a lot of ideas is generated. To avoid losing any information and prepare the following phases of the innovation process, we have developed ...


Wendrich ,R. E. // 2012
The introduction of CAD in design and education created simultaneously a user-experience void along with a user-interaction gap. Consequently this often leads to frustration, time loss, problem ...

Music Style Analysis Using the Random Forest Algorithm

Gómez de Silva Garza, A.; Herrera González, E. // 2012
This paper aims to discuss a method for autonomously analyzing a musical style based on the random forest learning algorithm. This algorithm needs to be shown both positive and negative examples of ...

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation: Constraints and Community Engagement

Allen, T.L.; Chornyak, B.A. // 2012
Within the field of design practice, we are consistently confronted with constraints, imposed by clients, our limited resources and outside circumstances. Usually, these constraints are viewed as ...

New Methods to Improve Teaching Quality in the New Era - A Study based on Aalto-Tongji Design Factory Teaching Pedagogical Development Project

Duan, WU // 2012
The Aalto-Tongji Design Factory in Shanghai is a creative environment bringing together universities, business and society to create new ways of learning, research and innovative collaboration. As ...

No Time Like the Present': An Investigation into Time as a Constituent of the Creative Process

Treadaway, C.; Smith, K. // 2012
This paper describes an on-going practice based investigation exploring the ways in which time influences the creative process. The research reveals how time issues have potential to both stimulate ...

Opportunity Design: what, where and how?

Mřller Nielsen, Louise; Heidemann Lassen, Astrid; Tollestrup, Christian; Lřwe Nielsen, Suna // 2012
Creating and growing new businesses is basically about turning an entrepreneurial opportunity into future business. In literature the emergence of opportunities is often described as opportunity ...

Perceptions of Creativity amongst University Design Tutors

Jones, P.; Rodgers, P. A.; Nicholl, B. // 2012
This paper describes the perceptions and views of creativity amongst a selection of UK-based design tutors. The paper presents the findings of research that has questioned a total of 16 design tutors ...

Physical Examples in Engineering Idea Generation: an Experimental Investigation

Viswanathan, V.; Linsey, J. // 2012
Design fixation is a major concern in engineering idea generation because it restricts the solution space in which designers search for their ideas. For designers to be more creative, it is essential ...

Play, Autonomy and the Creative Process

Loudon, G. H.; Deininger, G. M.; Gordon, B. S. // 2012
Play has started to be recognised as having an affect upon the creative design process, but mainly in terms of playing with prototypes. In this study we explore play a little further to understand ...

Practice Based Learning Approaches in Collaborative Design and Engineering Education: A Case Study Investigation into the Benefits of a Crossdisciplinary Practice Based Learning Strategy

Christian, Mclening; Lyndon, Buck // 2012
This study explores the ongoing pedagogical development of a number of undergraduate design and engineering programmes in the United Kingdom. Observations and data have been collected over several ...

Product Aesthetics and Creativity

Khalighy, S.; Green, G.; Whittet, C. // 2012
Aesthetics is one of the most significant features in product design which can influence the success of product in the future market (Bloch, 1995; Herr, 2000). However the nature of beauty and ...

Situated Creativity Inspired in Parametric Design Environments

Yu, R.; Gu, N.; Ostwald, M. // 2012
Current literature shows that there is a lack of empirical evidence support the understanding of design creativity in parametric design environments (PDEs). Situated creativity which regards the ...

SketchFest: Emphasising Sketching Skills in Engineering Learning

de Vere, Ian; Melles, Gavin; Kapoor, Ajay // 2012
Sketching is often described as the first language of designers and it is a critical skill for engineers and designers as it enables the multiple social and cognitive functions represented by drawing ...

Stimulating Creativity in Building Design Education: Introducing Experts and C-K‘s C-Projectors

Zeiler, W. // 2012
In order to support creative team design in the conceptual building design phase, a design method was developed: integral design. Integral design uses morphological charts, which are made by the ...

Strategies for Stimulating Creativity in Design Education

Skulberg, Harald // 2012
Designers are increasingly challenged by demands defined by environmental concerns, technological optimization, logistics and functional efficiency. In order to handle this complexity, designers have ...

Study on the Use of Mimetic Words in Motion Design

Yamada, K.; Taura, T.; Nagai, Y. // 2012
We are developing a method to design ...

Studying Designers: Affective Components of Design Creativity

Mougenot, C.; Watanabe, K. // 2012
This paper examines the role of designers‘ own experience and perception in the process of designing new products, based on an experimental approach with designers. So far, most design studies have ...

The Creative Engineer: Sketching for Dummies

Daniel, John // 2012
Earlier studies demonstrate the importance of visualizing problems, and how the sketch manages to catch the ambiguity of the design process. It creates new ways for idea generation in an individual ...

The Delft Innovation Method A Design Thinker's Guide to Innovation

Buijs, Jan // 2012
This paper will introduce a new book on innovating, the process that leads to innovation(s). It is based on the experiences in the innovation and creativity field from the Delft University of ...

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  • design community
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  • +design +community
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  • +design community
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  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
    Find rows that contain words such as “design”, “designs”, “designing”, or “designer”.
  • "some words"
    Find rows that contain the exact phrase “some words” (for example, rows that contain “some words of wisdom” but not “some noise words”). Note that the " characters that enclose the phrase are operator characters that delimit the phrase. They are not the quotation marks that enclose the search string itself.

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